3 Ways to Get to Know Your Congregation Better with ChurchPad

Many church leaders understand the importance of deliberate relation and communication with their congregations, yet only a few implement the necessary processes to ensure its existence.

It can sometimes be challenging trying to keep tabs on how each individual, group, and department in the church is doing. This is precisely where a church management software can help.

A Church management software eliminates the stress associated with getting to know your people. ChurchPad provides a relationship management feature for your church called People that allows you to understand your congregation better. It helps to quickly identify members when the need arises, keep track of attendance and giving, and know where people are serving or if they’re involved in small groups.

With the People feature, you can manage church member profiles and keep track of important information about them. You can also maintain relationships with guests, and it can help convert visitors into members when they join your church.

Here are three simple ways to get to know your congregation better using the People feature on ChurchPad.

1. Build small groups & stimulate discipleship

If you understand the need to forge stronger relationships in your church, then you know the need for smaller community groups. Building small groups allows for more fellowship and support among members, and easy accountability to leadership

Members who are actively involved in small groups are more likely to be willing to volunteer, to be more involved, and to be more consistent in participation. ChurchPad’s People feature helps you identify ways to measure small group effectiveness and keep members involved in your small group ministry. It helps to connect individual family members, including children to the same family group.​ It also allows you to create a platform for joint giving for families and friends giving through the same account.

With ChurchPad management software, you can create categories to help you distinguish between different people groups in your church — e.g. active members, first-time visitors, or inactive people. The People feature on ChurchPad allows you to assign Envelop IDs or Member IDs to your congregation, which helps you identify members easily. You can also track members’ activities and engagement.

ChurchPad’s People feature also allows you to reach out to members regularly through email and SMS. You get to view vital personal details, such as the employment status of your members for excellent care and support. You could even intercede in prayer about an issue, especially if it’s quite apparent that the individual needs a job.

Moreso, having your small groups set up correctly on ChurchPad empowers you to implement processes that will help you engage and follow up with visitors so that no one gets left behind. It accelerates the growth of small groups and fast-tracks discipleship by connecting new visitors to people with similar backgrounds in your church.

2. Consistently communicate with your members

Consistent communication between leaders and members is critical in keeping everyone in unity and focused on a common goal. Hence, the need to leverage a suitable digital management tool for your church.

ChurchPad management software allows you access to your church members’ contact information and communicate with multiple people via email, SMS, MMS, or voice broadcast. You can also alert members on essential and purposeful updates on ministry and individual growth via the mobile app.

With People, you can effortlessly search for and identify members by demographics, gender, membership status, age group, marital status as well as a salutation.​ ChurchPad helps you narrow communication with your congregation by allowing you to connect with individuals within your church based on their interests and personal preferences.

Additionally, the People feature allows members to check-in for services and events, and this feature does help reduce the need for manual counting.

Building healthy relationships with your members is based on communication. Every church leader needs to find ways to stay in touch with their congregations to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect. One of the ways to do that is to set up your online church community on ChurchPad. Again, It’s budget and user-friendly.

3. Develop effective volunteer management

Creating a strong sense of community within your church begins with effectively managing your church volunteers. Volunteers are the strength of your church, and it’s their consistent commitment that makes your church run.

To effectively manage and coordinate your volunteers, church management software is vital. With ChurchPad, managing volunteers no longer has to be burdensome. As a leader, you can use ChurchPad to build strong volunteer teams and keep them engaged through regular communication via email or SMS. Using a church management software like ChurchPad makes it easy for your volunteers to serve and creates an enjoyable experience for them so that they will stay devoted to serving God in your church for many years to come.

In utilizing a church management software to develop volunteer engagement, you must be intentional and purposeful about your goal.




ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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