5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Over Church & How You Can Get Them Back

Do you know that recent studies show that millennials are the least likely sect that attends church these days?

It seems that this age group is over the idea of church. The question that begs an answer is, “why are millennials over church?” We seek to answer this question and proffer a few solutions in this post. Let’s get started.

Reasons why Millennials are over Church



Congregation management has changed. There are new ways to give such as digital donation and text giving. Churches can make use of embedded Livestream to reach their audience instead of having everyone in church. A lot has changed yet the church seems to remain static.

Millennials can see the changes and wish that the church will adopt these changes. They wish their church could make use of church apps like ChurchPad and social media a lot more. The more the church sticks to its lack of adaptability, the fewer millennials we will have.


If you want the millennials in church, it is simple, find ways to mentor them as well. What they crave is a relationship with their church leaders. They seek a leader that can have a working relationship with them.

Invest your time in them, be ready to walk them through thick and thin, and you’ll see them change. Millennials seek relationships.

Lack of understanding

Millennials are more interested in a lot of things that the older generation doesn’t even consider. Examples include social justice and environmental issues. The major problem here is that the older generation doesn’t even want to see things differently. This is making it more difficult for them to build a relationship with the millennials.

We aren’t saying the church should become a social justice or environmental institution, but it should lend its voice to different matters and provide support where necessary.


They have no say, they are told that their ideas aren’t good enough/. Inclusion tells us that everyone must have a sense of belonging and every idea should be respected. This issue will continue as long as the church doesn’t listen to these young individuals.

How to get millennials back into the church

Be inclusive

Be innovative

Encourage mentorship




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