5 Useful Tools for Every Church Secretary

5 min readMar 6, 2021


Being a church secretary is no child’s play.

Even though you share similar responsibilities with a regular secretary, a lot more is expected. The responsibilities you are saddled with most times, require you to an administrator, especially in a small church.

While the job of congregation management, church communication, etc. might seem tasking, there are tools to help you outThisis post will look at 5 useful tech tools that will help you become a better church secretary.

Useful tools for a church secretary

Note Taking Apps

Makes it easy for secretaries to take notes. It is no secret that as a secretary, you’ll have to take lots of notes, from church meetings to receiving information over the phone and in emails. You must capture all this information accurately and curate them properly for easy access.

The Apps help you to capture information easily and organize it efficiently. More so, with this tool, you can create simple to-do lists.


Many people regard ChurchPad as an all-in-one solution for church secretaries and pastors. This is because this tool can pretty much do everything from church accounting to church communication and congregation management. ChurchPad is a church management software that helps the church secretary discharge their duties with more efficiency.

One of the major selling points of ChurchPad is that it presents you with a wide variety of church growth tools. With these tools, you can take your ministry to another level. From social media management to digital donation, and sermons, there is so much the church secretary can achieve with this church administration software.

Google Drive

The responsibilities of a church secretary entail dealing with loads of documents and other kinds of files. It is important that you can access and share these files on the go. One of the best ways to do this is to make use of a cloud storage platform like Google Drive.

The beauty of Google Drive is that you have access to 15GB of free space. To get more space, you’ll have to select one of the plans from Google, most of which are very affordable. A bigger advantage is that you can share files with different teams from your office without stress. It also makes remote work less cumbersome and complicated.

More than anything else, Google Drive supports collaboration. Thus, different individuals can work on the same document simultaneously from different locations. This makes your work easier and faster, the key to achieving more.


Dealing with payments and receipts is a major part of a church secretary’s work especially when doubling as an admin officer. Without the right tools, you will have several issues. From losing track of digital donations to misplacing receipts and making mistakes during church accounting.

You don’t have to go through all this stress. This is why there is a tool like Expensify. It is an online-based expense management service. This tool makes it easy to reimburse volunteers and deal with loads of receipts while saving you time and effort.

We all know how bulky receipts can be. Now, all you need to do is capture pictures of each receipt using Expensify. This tool provides a report that you can export when the need arises. One of the selling points is that it makes use of GPS to tell where you made a purchase.


One of your major responsibilities as a church secretary is to read as much as you can. This means that you have to comb the internet for articles on different subjects. Most times, you need to create a special time to read these articles. The challenge is that you may have lost them when it is time to read.

With a tool like Pocket, you can always access content that you save from different webpages and blogs. You can even tag the different pages and then read them when you have some free time. This tool works as a Chrome extension so it makes your work easier.

Becoming a better church secretary

While it is great to have tools like ChurchPad, several other ingredients make you a great church secretary. To round up this post, here are a few tips to help you become a better church secretary.

Prioritize tasks

Proper church management requires you to draw up a list of tasks. You can do this for the month, week, and day. It’s just like setting goals, decide on what you need to achieve.

After you create a list of tasks to carry out, list them in the order of importance. This way, you can tell which tasks are more important and should be dealt with first. Doing this makes you more efficient.

Delegate tasks

There is always the temptation to want to do things yourself. Let’s be factual, you can’t do it all. You need to delegate tasks if you are going to get better.

Even in a small church, there are volunteers and other staff around. After deciding what tasks need to be carried out and how they should be handled, delegate them.

Keep records

Your memory is great but it isn’t infallible. As a church secretary, you have to remember a lot of information. Rather than trust your memory alone, work with different tools to help you remember. We have already told you how ChurchPad and Evernote can help you achieve this.

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit

It doesn’t matter how efficient your church management software is, you still need the Holy Spirit. He will always provide impulses and instructions. Be sensitive to them and obey.


No matter how efficient you are already as a church secretary, with the right tools, you can get better. We have suggested our best 5 including ChurchPad. Which other tools did we leave out? Share them with us in the comments section.




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