5 Ways Push Notifications Can Grow Your Church

Generally, communications technology evolved pretty quickly, and the way churches connect with their congregation is changing rapidly.

Thus, if your church doesn’t have a mobile strategy yet, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity.

How do push notifications work?

Push notifications are not so different from text messages and mobile alerts. But for push notifications, you only receive notifications from apps you’ve downloaded, and can only send notifications to people who’ve downloaded your app. Straightforward enough, right? Now let’s see how push notifications can help your church.

1. Event Reminders / Promotions

Push notifications are the perfect tool to remind your members about the church’s upcoming events; Outreach meetings, thanksgiving services, picnics, etc. You can send out a few push notifications to remind your congregation about the occasion both a week beforehand and the day prior. You will possibly see an increase in attendance and participation in your events.

2. Volunteer Requests

Volunteers are essential in a smooth-running church, and you can never have enough of them! An easy way to get more people to participate in church activities is to utilize push notifications on your ChMS app.

3. Daily or Weekly Pastor Encouragement/Word

Members always want to hear from their pastors and leaders in other ways than just from the pulpit. One way to stay connected with your members during the week is to send out daily or weekly encouragement words. Depending on how many meetings you have in a week, daily might be too often, but every other day is fair enough.

4. Important / Urgent Announcements

A push notification comes in handy when you need to send out important or urgent information that every member of your congregation needs to be viewed. And of course, this means you must have ensured that virtually all members of your congregation already have the app downloaded on their mobile devices. That’s only how this will be effective.

5. Follow on Social Media / Email Channels

In today’s technology-filled world, church members are prone to so many distractions. Thus, it would indeed be helpful to communicate with them on multiple channels like social media, email, and, of course, your ChMS app. Make use of push notifications to inform them of your presence on these channels and include a link so they can ‘like,’ follow, or signup to hear from you.


Utilizing push notifications is one of the easiest methods to get more participation from your congregation. However, to send push notifications to your church, you need to be already using a ChMS software, which also has a mobile app.

One amazing thing about using push notifications for your church is that you can use them to lead people to engage with your church in person or online.

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