5 Ways to Fuel Your Outreach with ChurchPad Evangelism Feature

As technology evolves to become efficient, the ability to connect with people anywhere, and at any time has become more and more vital.

Applying this rate of growth to innovative church technology makes it easy to see the fantastic opportunities available to churches.

If your church is not already taking advantage of these technological opportunities, then now is the time to start. Did you know that ongoing communication through technology helps the mission of churches?

A ripple effect of technology advancement is the several digital tools developed for churches to utilize in building sustainable church growth. One of such tools is ChurchPad; your complete church management software. ChurchPad provides a full suite of technology products that cover a reasonable range of church growth and management needs; from a complete children’s management tool to fundraising and evangelism.

ChurchPad Evangelism feature can help many churches become fruitful in their mission to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ. Reaching out to the unsaved as well as discipling them is the core of the church. Let’s discover how Evangelism feature on ChurchPad can help you fulfil God’s purpose for your church.

Define your target audience

You need to develop a clear picture of the people you are trying to reach and find out details that can help you reach them. For instance, if you want to reach out to youth online, you need to identify how best to communicate with them. Get to learn more about them.

Expand Your Reach

As technology has grown and become more efficient, the ability to connect with people anywhere, and at any time has become more feasible. As a church, the need to keep growing is essential. ChurchPad, as a platform, allows you to create an online community for your church. The access it also provides third-party live streaming platforms enables you to reach more people with the Gospel. Before the lockdown ease, many church leaders and pastors were able to maintain a connection with their congregation as well as the general community through social media platforms. Some churches have gained many more members during this period because they were able to maximize digital technology tools to spread the Gospel.

ChurchPad Evangelism feature allows you to generate unlimited keywords to expand your reach and impressions.​ It fuels your outreach by using keywords via SMS and MMS to pull information from your church. With this feature, your guests or first-timers can text the keyword ‘direction’ to your church assigned messaging number (provided by ChurchPad) and receive instructions to your church via SMS or MMS.

Leverage Data

Data is the new big thing. Many churches leverage the geographic information of visitors to both their physical and online meetings to inform strategic discussions on how to reach out to them. ChurchPad allows you to have your members’ as well as visitors’ data in one safe place.

You can use the data available on ChurchPad to help your church be more effective and efficient in reaching people with the gospel. Leveraging the data you have of your visitors or first-timers enables you to determine keywords that would be appropriate to use. With ChurchPad Evangelism, you can track these keywords that drive robust engagement and view relevant engagement analytics. ​You can also attach event flyers, graphics through MMS sent to folks.

The short- and long-term effect of leveraging data for evangelism cannot be overemphasized. Data would help you effectively channel your resources.

Generally speaking, As the ability to leverage data exponentially increases year-by-year, churches need to understand how data works.

Automate your communication process

Just as in any other church activity, you need to have an effective communication mechanism in place. With the Evangelism feature, you can set up autoresponders to specific keywords.​ Thus, whenever someone texts a keyword to your church assigned messaging number, they receive a specific SMS or MMS almost immediately. Also, you have access to a 2-way messaging system with options to respond with pre-designed or manual messaging; whichever comes in handy.

The feature provides automated messaging where you get to receive up-to-date information on events happening within the community. ​Technology has incredibly advanced; systems have been innovated to execute preset tasks such that you can save more time and focus on other tasks that require your involvement more.

Create time for digital discipleship and engagement

Evangelism and discipleship are not mutually exclusive; where winning a soul is concerned, there is a corresponding follow-up and tutoring action. That’s Jesus instructed; to go into the world to preach the Gospel and then, teach them all that he has commanded us to do. You may not always be available in-person to disciple new converts, hence effectively utilizing the innovative tools and technologies is of necessity. You can always engage disciples individually with the 2-way messaging system available on ChurchPad Evangelism feature. For more upcoming sessions, there are other features on ChurchPad that allow you to do that quite easily.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that churches are significantly positioned to combine offline methods with technology to amplify the gospel. However, a church should not get so tied to a plan that it becomes insensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God.

A strategic plan for soul-winning is essential, but real church growth is always supernaturally empowered.




ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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