7 Church Tech Trends for 2020

There is so much happening with the church in the digital space.

The changes and development have been so sharp that some of us are still yet to come to terms that this could be the new normal, and not just an interim necessity. That you do not like the changes doesn’t mean they’re not happening. Hence, the earlier you accept these changes and adjust to them, the better for you — and your church. These changes are, in fact, likely to change the landscape of churches in the next few years.

It’s quite interesting that some of the changes that were likely to occur in a couple of years — for example, the normalization of remote work — arrived in days. And while there will be a return to some version of ‘normal’, ‘normal’ as we knew is likely gone, at least for a while. It is something difficult to go back to normal when normal already disappeared.

So, considering everything that’s changed and been disrupted so far in 2020, there are some trends you should — as a leader — by now have taken note of. And as a leader, the best thing is to prepare. Though disruption is hard and inconvenient, it can be an accelerator.

Digital On-boarding

Churches are now incorporating digital technology into increased membership. Digital surveys are now used to on-board new believers and put them through the process involved in moving people from church attendees to church members.

Churches utilizing this digital technology have increased the involvement of new members in the next step process, and this has significantly improved church growth.

Churches that can locate a member’s giftings and interests quickly find it easy to get them plugged in where they fit.

Text-Based Giving

Text-based giving has been on for a while and is progressively gaining more prominence in the church. A good number of churches are now receiving more than half of their giving through text-based donations and contributions. Text giving is one of the fastest and easiest ways for your members to give. You can give in just a few seconds. Our unique church management software, ChurchPad provides a secure system that makes it easy for members to give to your church. Text giving (also known as text-to-give) technology is revolutionizing — and quickly too. Thus, as a church, you want to jump in on it real quick if you are not already using it.

Digital Media

It is important to note that churches are beginning to allocate more significant amounts of their marketing budget to digital. The difference in growth between churches that spend a considerable amount of their budget on their digital presence and others are glaring. The practice of investing more in this area is growing as knowledge increases in that area.

Churches are now increasing their budgets to cater for the cost of hiring creative content specialists, digital marketing professionals, and others. This trend can only increase.

Remote Creative Teams

It is somewhat connected to the previous point. As demands of church media increase immensely with this media generation, even mid-sized church teams are becoming overwhelmed.

Sometimes, for smaller churches, the demands are a lot more overwhelming, but technology is allowing churches to function better. Small or mid-sized churches can now have a professional team of graphic designers, video editors, animators, and creative directors all working for the church for a low price. Even large churches will see this as an opportunity to cut costs and save their in-house staff time while keeping up with the needs of church media today.

Digital Tools

Several digital tools can help churches further their mission. One of such tools is ChurchPad, which is a complete church management tool. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology. It is a complete tool that addresses the core and expanding needs of churches, with a wide array of unique but connected products.

Video Marketing

You’ll agree that marketing in 2020 isn’t complete without videos. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, video is one of the most effective marketing tools for the church this year.

Leveraging video marketing with a targeted strategy can help you further your digital marketing goals. It is essential to stay consistent with your content, messaging, and creative approach. Your content should be tailored to what your church is about — your vision, mission, and values. Video marketing is one area you want to lean in and learn in 2020

Digital Training and Discipling

Digital is now being adopted by churches to train people, and at everyone’s convenience too. It’s an adequate substitute for physical training meetings during the week. Leaders, as well as disciples who already find it difficult making it for meetings, can now actively participate from wherever they are.

Though in its infant stage, digital training is a new frontier for small group training and is streamlining the volunteer process for church training. And it is going to expand into various discipleship training coupled with interaction with the digital throughout the week.

ChurchPad management software offers a digital platform that allows churches to train disciples. The features available enable you to set up and manage your small groups, fellowships, cell groups, departments, e.t.c. — keeping everyone actively involved. As a group or cell leader, you can even assign tasks to each of your members or disciples through texts, emails or push notifications.

Even though there is still quite a lot to explore in the area of digital for church training, it’s great to see that the church is doing well to keep up with the pace of change with digital technology.




ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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