7 Things People Consider Before Choosing a Church to Belong

There is a difference between a church people choose to belong to and a church they attend.

When people think of a church to attend, they majorly consider the distance from their house or work. They consider nothing about the church management system. The only other things people consider are the appearance of the church and whether it conflicts with any of their preconceived beliefs.

1. Children’s Church

Raising children is a primary responsibility for married couples. And it is something that goes beyond the two parents. Children learn from their environment and everyone they come in contact with. And every parent wants the best for their children even much more than themselves. They would rather have something less than the best so their children can have the best.

2. Car Park

As simple and trivial as this sounds, it is very important to a lot of people. Of course, nobody will say that they stopped going to a church because they have no car park or space to park their cars. But it is a sign. If you don’t have parking space for my car, you don’t have space for me in your church.

3. Familiarity

Most churches have a mini welcome bash for their first-timers. And in most cases, they have people assigned to that task. But for the stranger attending the church for the first time, it is nothing more than a show of hospitality. It doesn’t give a strong impression that makes people want to belong in the church. But it can.

4. Music

There are people who are very musically inclined and cannot stand bad music. They would rather have you do no music than do bad music. But they are few. Most people are not that conscious of music but they are not immune to how music makes people feel. Music is not about the song. And this is the mistake many churches make.

5. Community (or Impact) Project

When churches share their community projects, it is not so that people can applaud it. In the first place, it is good because the members can see the impact and for accountability sake. But someone who is attending for the first time can be won over by the projects the church is doing for the community. Here is why.

6. Standard or Legacy

People often choose to belong in a church because of what the church is known for. They even make that choice before they decide to attend the church for the first time. It is difficult to decide to belong to a church when it is not clear what they stand for.

7. Identity of the Lead Pastor

Churches, where the lead pastor has reservations against becoming a public figure, will struggle to grow beyond an extent. That extent varies from one location to another. As much as a standard or legacy is important, the identity of the lead pastor must embody that standard or legacy.


These are the 7 things people look at before choosing a church to belong to. Don’t be praying for more members while you ignore these.

I hope you’ve found something worth applying.

By David Olarinoye

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