How ChurchPad is Helping Churches Reach More People

4 min readOct 16, 2020


Reaching more people is proof of the growth of a church.

It also helps us get God’s word to be preached to the unsaved.

Like you already know, digital has become an integral part of church leadership and management today. Churches are now leveraging management software for increased membership. And learning how to maximize it for your church will stimulate effective outreach, more co-ordinated discipleship, and overall accelerated growth of your church.

How has ChurchPad as a ChMS helped churches thrive even during these quite challenging times? Let’s find out!

Data Leverage

Reaching out to people is a core initiative for the Church, instrumental to the church’s growth. In many churches, most members are often workers in the field, which is excellent. That is, they’re the face of the church in terms of its outreach efforts.

Therefore, it’s more than essential that besides having each person’s contact information (such as an address, phone number, email) in your database, you should know a little bit about their background as well.

Details like where they study or work, their professions, their strengths, and weaknesses, etc. are all data points that can be used to better leverage the church’s efforts in reaching more people. Having a ChMS like ChurchPad that can capture, maintain, and report on a highly relative and complete set of data points consistently and accurately is imperative.

Effective Communication

Another way that ChurchPad helps churches reach more people is to utilize modern communication means to evangelize to people in different parts of the world.

There are various ways to communicate with your congregation — live streams, social media, emails, text messages, multimedia messages, etc. Sharing your message on several of these platforms guarantees you a broader reach and audience.

ChurchPad makes it easy for churches to reach a wide range of people as it provides you with each of these communication methods. ChurchPad is a church management software that provides a fully integrated, unified communication platform.

Our unique ChMS also provides automated messaging to receive up-to-date information on events happening within the community.

On-boarding and Follow-up

The efficient tools available on ChurchPad enable church leaders and administrators to effectively manage church member profiles and keep track of important information about them.

With ChurchPad, you can easily and quickly engage your new members, track their engagement in church, and communicate with them, all within the system. You can also maintain relationships with guests and convert visitors into members when they join your church.

Small Groups Management

ChurchPad is helping churches take group management to a whole new level. ChurchPad provides platforms through which churches can set up and publish groups so members can search and sign up. The ease of doing this has further equipped church leaders to identify and communicate with group members even better, invite them to gatherings, view prayer requests or care issues, pass important information, and track attendance.

The attendance data helps churches identify people who might be new, transitioning, or disengaging so that special attention or opportunities can be provided.

Church data on ChurchPad can also be used to identify individuals’ traits and characteristics with common interests, likes, values, and then bring them together and foster communication within and among the groups. You can also connect members who live within the same geographical location.

Additionally, leveraging small group administration on ChurchPad helps leaders know when they aren’t effective in the Church.

Given the modern church’s needs, the ChMS you use needs to be as efficient, easy to use, and cost-effective as possible. ChurchPad is that ChMS.

ChurchPad management software helps churches in managing, automating, and organizing daily operations and activities. It enables you to efficiently handle processes such as databases, communication, community, and event and worship services, among many others.

As a ChMS provider, we are keen on helping your church accomplish its mission now and for many years to come.

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