How to Stimulate Meaningful Interactions in Your Church Community

4 min readNov 2, 2020

Stimulating interaction in your church community makes it easier to spread the word of God and encourage each other.

With tech tools like church management software, stimulating such interactions is a lot easier.

Today, churches leverage these tools to coordinate discipleship, stimulate effective outreach, and accelerate church growth. One such tool is “Community” from ChurchPad. Here’s how you can stimulate meaningful interactions within your church community.

Using social media

Social media adds some spice to communicating within your church community. Let’s face it, there is a digital revolution, and it has come to stay. With social media, you can stimulate meaningful interactions in your church community.

ChMS such as ChurchPad, gives you access to the social media handles of your members. ChurchPad allows your church community to communicate, which is an essential aspect of stimulating interactions. You can create an avenue for discussion via different kinds of content on social media. From videos to images on different engaging subjects.

You must be careful what goes on your social media too.

Encourage texting

Another way to stimulate interactions is to encourage members of your community to text each other. There are different ways to text these days, e.g. through WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps.

It is even possible to set up groups using the data from your ChMS. It is easier to manage the data of your church community over ChurchPad properly. It helps to manage groups and stimulate interaction.

Setting up groups on instant messaging apps for different kinds of interaction facilitates the dissemination of information too. In this age of social distancing, people don’t have to gather for meetings physically. You can hold meetings in different groups via instant messaging apps.

Church Apps

So many adults and young people own smartphones these days. It means that they can download and make use of different apps, including Church apps. Apps like ChurchPad will help boost church communication.

For example, it doesn’t matter the size of your congregation; your members can have the app on their devices. This way, it is easier for the church leadership to communicate with the members of the community. It is also possible for members of different forums to communicate with each other. ChurchPad provides users with data of members of the community. So even if they can’t call, they can reach out in the easiest way.

Encourage emails

Whether you like it or not, you’ll still have the old school folks that love to send and receive emails. You can’t kick them out; instead, encourage emails to stimulate interaction from their end. The advantage of this is that it also makes it easier to reach your whole community via an emailing service.

How do members of your church community get emails? Simple, through the Church management software. Encourage members to download the app and put up their data, including their emails. This way, when the need arises, anyone can connect to them via emails. It’s that simple.

Obstacles to stimulating meaningful interactions in the church community

Even though we are all Christians, not everyone is good with effective communication or meaningful interaction. We have discussed the different choices you can look at in stimulating meaningful interaction. Now, let’s see a few obstacles that you may come across.


There will always be complainers. Some folks will never be satisfied with your methods. You’d even find some asking why they have to put up their data on your church management app.

It can make your job difficult, but you need to look past the negativity. Check their comments to draw the necessary lessons so that you can make adjustments where necessary.

Choosing your social media platform

Social media comes with great benefits to every church as long as the church knows how to use it properly. Using social media properly begins with picking the right platform. Before you choose a platform, you should first check which platform works best for your community.

It is very easy to do this by checking their details on the ChMS. ChurchPad gives you all of these details at your fingertips. Not choosing the right platform means that you cannot stimulate the interaction that you desire. Why? Because that’s not where your community members are.

Understanding the requirements of the community

Each church is made up of different individuals of different age groups and social strata. While the bible doesn’t encourage segregation, putting people with like minds together helps achieve your aim faster. For example, it may difficult to stimulate meaningful interaction between a 65-year-old lady and a 22-year-old man. They have different requirements and needs.

With a Church management software like ChurchPad, you can easily split community members into groups to suit their requirements. It makes it easier for them to initiate meaningful communication and grow the community.


The ultimate aim of stimulating communication among a church community is oneness. When we are in one accord, it is easy to work together to grow the church community.

ChurchPad is keen on helping you to stimulate meaningful interaction in your church community.




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