Keys to Effective Church Management

4 min readJun 23, 2020


Did you know that effective church management has a lot in common with business management? Yes, they do. However, church management brings in the spiritual aspect as well as the organizational aspect.

The organizational aspect of church management comes into play when we start discussing issues bordering around systems, processes, operations, effective management of resources, and so on. On the other hand, the spiritual aspect of church management involves prayers, interceding for the church, and so on. Church management consists of a lot of facets that require adequate planning.

When it comes to managing church resources, structures, and systems must be in place, and church operations processes should be clearly defined and accountable to a body for supervision.

These keys are sure to set you on the right track, whether you are developing new management practices or reevaluating already existing ones.

Here are 7 Keys to Effective Church Management

Church Strategy

A good Church strategy culminates in tremendous church growth. It includes well thought out strategies, plans, and processes that will help move the church forward.

There should be a plan on board for the church. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It will help the church to have a framework — a sort of guideline and approach to everything. With church strategy, church management becomes a walkover.

The church strategy should include the mission, the vision, the value, and the purpose of the ministry. It will help church leaders to evaluate growth, set targets, and measure progress.

Church Management Board

Having a church management board helps to lay the foundational plans on which the church grows and develops. In some cases, it is mandated that ministries have a board of directors. In other instances, This board is put together out of necessity.

The board oversees the activities of the ministry. Every other team is accountable to the church management board. With the board in place, you can adequately allocate, distribute, and utilize resources, which will help with effective church management.

Develop Other Leaders

It takes a leader to raise other leaders. Every great leader has been mentored by another leader, whether it’s a parent, boss, pastor, or someone else. Pastors must develop the next generation of leaders to sustain and grow their church.

The more leaders there are, the higher the chance for success there will be! So, you should consider spending time with other leaders of the church to equip them to take on more responsibility in the ministry of the church. It will enable the church to grow as the burden is shared among more leaders.

Church Management Software

Having a church management software helps and eases church administrative activities, especially during a season like this. It puts a clearcut structure to it. It is the job of the church administrator to select a church management software that will be suitable for both staff members and members of the church. One of such software to consider is ChurchPad From engaging with church members in real-time to receiving online donations, and also live-streaming services; Church management software such as the ChurchPad is a central element in effective church management. What’s more, ChurchPad is a complete church management system.

Facility Management

Facility management is essential in the place of effective church management. No one likes to be in an unclean environment, use worn chairs or furniture or sound systems that are not adequately maintained.

It is why the church should put in extra effort to put a facility management team or department together to ensure that the church building and everything in it, maintained as at when due.

The facility maintenance team should create a work schedule for effectiveness. In all the goal is for the church environment should be appealing every time members step in

Legal Management

For effective church management, there is the need to have appropriate plans to manage risks and other legal activities in line with the local, state, and federal laws wherever the ministry is situated. It is also vital that the church leaders need to understand various church-related risks and what comes with it.

Church Budgeting

A budget is one of the essential plans your church can create. It’s also one of the most stressful function, especially for those who aren’t trained in finance. For smaller churches, a staff member or volunteer who also juggles other roles and commitments might oversee the finance aspect.


Effective church management isn’t always a walk around the park. It is why ministry leaders need the help of God as well as wisdom to put in strategic measures to ensure that the church and its resources don’t sink as a result of mismanagement.




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