Live Streams Could Not Be Any Easier With ChurchPad. Find Out How!

A virtual church community is no longer an alternative to physical meetings; instead, it is now a core part of the church system.

Even though some leaders never subscribed to an online church’s idea, the coronavirus outbreak made it an essential and welcome inclusion.

As everyone gradually adjusted — some faster than others — we then saw the possibility of practically executing virtually all church operations and activities online. Livestreams became a norm, with churches leveraging various free as well as paid live streaming services. Several virtual community tools also surfaced to enable churches to produce a full and engaging virtual church service through an online platform.

Amongst all other digital tools, you might want to leverage for your online church, a church management software is one crucial tool that every church should be using for their virtual service. A ChMS suitable for your virtual service (e.g. Livestreams) should be equipped with the necessary features to live-stream your worship services and accommodate seamless inter-personal communication and giving during the service.

You’re probably thinking you’re doing just fine with Facebook live or YouTube live, so why bother switching to a ChMS? Well, you would still be able to do all you already do, but this time, on a more encompassing platform with many different unique features to suit all your church needs.

Taking it a little further, what then happens when free services no longer meet the needs of your church? It just might be time to invest in live streaming software, and ChurchPad is that software.

The ChurchPad App is a simple, easy to use, advanced, and customizable virtual church solution that caters to churches of different sizes. It provides quality and reliable live-streaming service, amongst other features. The accessibility it provides to various third-party live streaming platforms makes it all the more the best choice for your church.

Here’s how ChurchPad makes live streams super easy for churches;

Online Streaming​

Just as we mentioned earlier, you’re not switching as you would still be able to stream your service live on Facebook or Youtube through our church management tool.

Using the ChurchPad App, your members can access third-party streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or even your church online platform.

Multiple Live Streams​

Using the ChurchPad App for your Live Streams allows your members to view and access all your multiple live streams simultaneously. For instance, on Sundays, you may have your Adult church service, Teenage church service, and Children church service streaming concurrently. You want to make sure you’re able to reach everyone that, for some reason, can’t attend the service.

Push Notifications​

Once your members have the ChurchPad App downloaded on their mobile devices, you can set push notifications to automatically alert your congregation whenever a new live stream is about to start. It helps to improve members’ participation and engagement during your worship service. Push notifications are a great tool to remind your members about upcoming events in the church.

Sermon Sharing​

Getting blessed by the teaching on a Sunday service is excellent but sharing the sermon with others comes with a different kind of fulfillment — knowing that you indirectly just blessed someone else.

With the ChurchPad App, church members can share videos to social media, friends, and family. Members can also save their favorite sermons by their Pastor and share it with friends.

Auto Convert Live Streams to Sermons​

This is where it gets more interesting. How would you like your members to listen to those amazing teachings over and over again? The ChurchPad App allows you to set a timer to automatically change your live stream to a sermon once it is over. Your members will then be able to access it under the sermons section.

Reporting and Analytics (Views​)

It’s important to know how many of your members are watching your live streams. You can monitor how your live streams and sermons are viewed from your ChurchPad App.

Note Sharing​

If a church member happens to be on the go during a live stream, and he/she is finding it difficult to use a pen and a notepad; they can easily take down notes using the note-sharing tool the ChurchPad App. This feature allows members to make, view, and share notes/summaries on the sermon with friends and family.

Software differs in quality and provision; hence it’s vital for churches to choose the software that best suits their particular needs. As you now see, the ChurchPad App practically has the best solution for every of your church’s live stream needs, and even much more.

Visit our pricing page to check out which plan suits your church best.



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