Planting Your Church On A Small Budget

As a follower of Christ, you’ve gotten the calling to be a “fisher of men.”

You have several unanswered questions pertaining to practical administration — and they are valid. The majority of these questions arise because you have a small budget. You, however, press on because you believe this is a purpose you’ve been called to fulfill.

In the early Church, and up to two decades ago, there were so many unknowns when it came to starting a Church. The tools required for ministry management and planning were limited. Thousands of Churches failed as a result of this.

Fast forward to the last decade and there has been an increase in all-inclusive Church Management Software (ChMS) that aid with Church growth. The options are many, but it is useful to have a trusted and affordable partner from the onset. ChurchPad is one of such partners that has taken into consideration a broad spectrum of needs and budgets.

The solutions outlined below are not exhaustive, but they are a handful of useful tools explicitly designed by ChurchPad to help in Church growth.


This product has a tool called “Know Your Church Members” (KYCM) that enables you to identify members by demographics like gender, membership status, age group, marital status, salutation etc.​ Another solution within the People tool is “Check-In.” Members check-in when they arrive for programs. This process eliminates the need for manual counting and human errors.


Example: when a member “like” a prayer request, the requester receives an alert that tells them that they are being prayed for. The tool also has a Prayer Wall used to compile a list of prayer requests and shared with the prayer team. It has a notification button that brings others to pray in agreement. There is also a Testimony Wall that allows members to share the good news emanating from answered prayers.


This tool makes it easier by setting up recurring giving, be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or 1st & 15th of the month. Generosity also has “Ease of Giving” online through Smart URLs that have mobile-friendly functions. Generosity also makes provision for international contributions. It uses USSD Technology (similar to Text-To-Give). According to ChurchPad, it is an emerging giving solution and it is available in countries where USSD technology is adopted.

Another important component is “Simple Advanced Reporting.” No contribution software is complete without an analytical and reporting capability. The one that comes with Generosity has no data limit, gives compressed and detailed reporting and also allows for the interrogation of your historical data for the life cycle of your account.


It has a child identification​ system that uploads photos, dates of birth and critical information such as allergies to ensure safety. It also has a “Classification Categories Management” solution that records attendance, demographics, family members, and birthday celebrations. ​ It has a “Check-In Options” upon arrival, too, that enables parents or guardians to receive text (SMS) alerts when their child is checked-in or checked-out. ​There is so much more that this solution handles.

Unified Communication


The Word


Build a Website

As indicated earlier, getting the Church off the ground is not the hardest part. Sustaining it for the foreseeable future is what gives leaders the most significant cause for concern, especially as they aspire to grow. A template for supporting it is vital and this is often predicated on budgetary constraints. To ease the pressure that comes with a Church “start-up,” investigate the ChMS out there. Get a plan that works for you in terms of achievable objectives and fees. ChurchPad, however, reduces your overhead significantly and offers the product flexibility that young and not so young Churches require for growth. A significant strength is the opportunity to start at a comfortable level and as you grow, other tools can be added.

ChurchPad is a robust cloud-based ChMS built for now and the future.

For a detailed description of the tools and how they contribute immensely to Church growth, visit




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