The 2021 Path To Successful Church Growth: 2 Tips For You

4 min readJun 23, 2021


It is no longer a secret that fewer people want to attend church these days.

Referring to the Bible, it is one of the signs of the end time. Regardless of this fact, pastors need to find ways to grow their churches as much as possible.

What is the point of preaching memorable messages when you will be preaching to empty pews? It is even more pressing in these days of social distancing that you find more creative ways to grow your church. In this post, we will provide you with two tips that will help you grow your congregation.

Explaining Church Growth

According to McIntosh, church growth is everything you do to attract individuals who didn’t have a relationship with Christ. Doing this converts them into responsible members of your church. He sees church growth as an act rather than a set of methodologies or strategies.

Biblically, church growth is fulfilling the great commission of bringing in men and women to build a faithful church. Eddie Gibbs refers to church growth as a science. In this sense, it investigates the church’s nature, its functions, and health about the great commission.

From these definitions, it is clear that church growth focuses on making disciples by attracting people into the church. This brings us to the question, “how can we attract more people into the church?” We will provide you with two tips in the next section.”

Proven Strategies to Successful Church Growth

Here’s something that you must know. No church grows by accident. It is a consistent walk towards improved congregation management, sermons, in-person service, etc. You can inquire from any large church around you; there is something that they are doing that you are not. Here are some proven strategies to help you grow your church.

Set up a church growth committee

For many people, setting up committees is just a waste of time as it slows things down most times. When it comes to church growth, that is a very wrong notion. You are not going to attain church growth by your passion for Jesus Christ alone. A lot of work needs to be done.

No man is an island of knowledge. This is why you need to set up a committee to oversee the church growth process. Every other decision that you make regarding the growth of your congregation depends mostly on this.

You need to set up a team that can sit together, cast a vision, and then delegates tasks to worthy individuals. This team should be made up of church leaders in different age groups. What this means is that you should have the old, young, and middle-aged. Each of these individuals has a clear understanding of what people in their age group want to experience in church.

If you have a team made up of just old folks, how do they want to attract individuals in their twenties? Also, you need individuals that are committed to seeing your church grow. They must have a clear understanding of your church’s objectives, mission, and doctrines. This will help them to keep your agenda on track.

The team should meet frequently and have specific time-bound goals. There should also be measures set in place to measure the achievement of these goals.

Employ the right communication channels

We cannot discuss church growth without mentioning church communication. Both go hand-in-hand because, without communication, no one will visit or join your church. There are several communication channels available these days. The user personas in your audience will determine the kind of channels you will employ.

We have already talked about defining user personas. Look at the different personas and ask the question, “What communication channels suit these individuals?” Older folk may prefer text messages and emails. Teenagers and students are more likely to choose social media.

Here’s some good news. Regardless of the communication channels you need, church management software like ChurchPad makes your work easier. Using such a platform helps you to improve your church communication drastically.

Here are some questions that will help you to determine the right communication channels for your church:

  • What channels will appeal most to each individual?
  • Do you have a one-sentence pitch that can attract multiple personas?
  • What does each need to hear to make them feel at home in your congregation?
  • Would the invitees be predisposed to a membership class? If yes, what kind of teaching methods would they prefer?
  • What social media channels do they use the most?


In this post, we have enumerated two tips to help you improve your church growth. These tips are unusual, but they are proven and will produce excellent results. As we mentioned earlier, you should leverage the ChurchPad app to improve your chances. Do you have any questions?

Drop them in the comments section.




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