Why Churches Should Live Stream their Services

It is a reality that not everyone may find it possible to be physically present in the church at all times, due to different reasons that the only option they have left is to live stream the service.

What do you do when church members cannot attend services due to certain circumstances but still want to be a part?

Regardless of where church members maybe, or what limitation stops them from attending church service in person, live streaming makes it easier to connect as long as they have access to a smartphone/laptop and internet connection.

However, before delving into live-streaming a complete church service or church program as a pastor, you should put into consideration how other participants would feel about being on a live video. Some of these key participants include the choir, members of the band, and more. If possible, they should be pre-informed when the service would be live.

Let’s look at some reasons why churches should live stream their services.

Importance of Live Streaming Church Services

Live streaming involves broadcasting a live video over the internet to enable your audience to have access to it. You cannot cut a live video, preview it, or even edit it before broadcasting. Technically, videos you find and stream on vlogs or Youtube are non-live media. These videos are not live-streamed.

To live stream a video, all you would need is an internet-enabled device such as a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet and a website, or an app I broadcast from. Platforms like the ChurchPad App offer live streaming solutions while providing other features to grow your online church.

You can reach those who seek to be in church

Live video streaming allows you to reach people way beyond your local community. Some of which might have never been to a church or do not even identify with a religion. In some cases, they just stumbled on the video or listened in with a friend. The joy you would derive from touching the lives of millions of people you have never seen cannot be quantified.

Some other people might just be curious about the Bible and in search of clarifications found yon our website or social media page. It will certainly do them a lot of good to be a part of your online service and learn the truth of God’s word.

Connect with people who can’t leave their homes

In unsettling times such as this, where COVID-19 has dramatically affected how various sectors operate, having an excellent online presence for your church and live streaming your services will do believers much good. From members of your congregation who cannot attend such as usual because of the instructions to maintain social distance.

Also, other Christians who cannot be in the church due to ill health or distance. Consider a woman who has her old and vulnerable mother with her. She may not be able to attend church in-person because of her mother, but she can connect to an online service that is being live-streamed using platforms such as ChurchPad App.

Welcome new families to the church

When believers change location or move to a new area with their family, they make it a point of duty to search online for a new church to be a part of. Showcasing your sermon online allows them to have a glimpse of what your in-person service would look like. It also aids them in making their decision quickly as to whether they want to join the church or not.

Remember, the church should be a haven for families who are new to a community and have a substantial online presence that will help you reach these people quickly.

Improve Accessibility

On average, over 81% of individuals worldwide have at least one social media account. Live streaming makes it possible for the audience of the various age range to be a part of your service.

The truth is, more and more people are actively seeking new ways to develop their spirituality and have a closer walk with God. It drives them to the web in search of connections and ministries that would be a good fit to help their journey.

Live videos of weekly church services, Bible study classes, and more can be streamed on the church’s social media platforms using various tools such as ChurchPad App to enable believers to worship from wherever they are.

Strengthen Community

The core of social media is to facilitate connection and ease communication between people, bringing people from all over the world together. This foundational function also allows members of the church to connect easily with one another.

Most live-streaming platforms have live chats as well where people can drop questions and basically connect with both the pastor and other members of the congregation.

To show potential members what your church is really like

By live-streaming your services, you can move your ministry forward, engage in a more modern type of evangelism and follow-up system.

When potential members attend your online service, they are quickly and easily able to determine whether or not they want to be a part of the ministry itself. It is because they have attended the service and seen what the church system is like. They have also listened to the sermon and decided if it resonates with them or not.

If you have been thinking about which option is the best fit for your church, then look no further; ChurchPad is a user-friendly live streaming service that works seamlessly.

With an active live stream strategy, you can build a powerful presence online to spread your message, reach your congregation, and connect with other believers. Remember, live streaming is a vital tool in helping your congregation through challenging times.




ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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ChurchPad is a Complete Church Management Software. ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

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