Why Every Church Needs a Unified Communications System

Most churches understand the importance of communication and the essence of planning.

However, not all churches practically take the time to create and implement even a basic communications plan. Churches without strategic communication often fail to reach a wider audience.

Unified communications have the potential to revolutionize how you connect with your leaders and your congregation. In other words, the easier it is to connect, the easier it is to collaborate. With the right array of modern digital tools at your disposal, communicating with all your members can become manageable. Knowing the indispensability of consistent and purposeful communication within every church, we will be discussing briefly, yet in ample detail, why your church needs a Unified Communications System.

With a variety of different features, you can undoubtedly create a solution that caters specifically to your business needs.

For Outreach

A communications plan helps your church achieve its mission — which is to make disciples of all nations. The truth is if your ministry is committed to reaching more people for Christ, effective and organized communications is crucial.

Here’s a perspective; the average consumer, including your members, are constantly bombarded with messages from advertisers, the media, corporations, etc. Most often than not, these societal pillars have a robust communications strategy, alongside a wealth of resources at their disposal to drive their message.

How, then, does the Church hope to stand out without a clear plan? A Unified Communications System allows churches to plan and implement the right strategy that helps elevate your message of hope above all the noise around.

Ensures Everyone Stays Informed

With Unified Communications system, you can keep every church member updated on recent news and happenings in the church, without leaving a single person out; unless, of course, you do not have their details in your system.

Technology has simplified communication; you can now reach millions of people in only a few seconds. With ChurchPad Unified Communication feature, you can send text messages to all your members with just one click. Text messages have an open rate of 97%, and this is a reliable means to disseminate information to your existing congregation faster. Also, the multimedia messaging service on our Unified Communication feature allows your members to connect to your church emotionally. You can also engage your congregation through voice broadcasting using this tool.

To Maximize Your Resources

Limited resources mean limited funds, limited time and limited personnel. As with every individual, business or organization, resources are often the most significant restriction for churches, on achieving goals. Without a well-planned strategy to allocate resources toward getting the best results possible, they will be wasted with only a little progress.

By establishing a Unified Communication System, your church can develop consistency of work and build momentum without having to invest so much money. Excellent and consistent planning saves you from continually scrambling to decide what to do next. It sets the scope of your work, so you don’t get overburdened or perform below expectations.

By extension, this implies that time and money aren’t misused on projects that get eventually abandoned. Also, your church staff and volunteers aren’t duplicating work, and precious time isn’t wasted in efforts that don’t align with the broader goals of your church. Using a maximize your church’s limited resources by planning how to utilize them optimally ahead of time.

Keeps You Focused on Your Goals

The clearer your plan, the more likely you are to reach your goals. It is because a well-organized communications plan is built with the end goal in mind. With a Unified Communications System, you can think long-term as you create robust strategies towards connecting with your congregation. It keeps you as well as your team working in unison toward one purpose.

A good communications strategy is a track that guides everyone in the appropriate direction. You can easily divide tasks among your communications team. It ensures that one person is responsible for specific tasks and that everyone is being held accountable for the task delegated to them.

Unified Communications System helps you to monitor your communications efforts at regular intervals. It allows you time to reflect on your progress, ensure that everything is being done according to plan, and provides for readjustment if needed.

Having an effective communication plan would allow you to maximize your church’s resources for a better impact on your community. Sophisticated yet simple, ChurchPad is a Church management software that provides a fully integrated unified communication platform. Hence, if you are not yet taking advantage of the unique communication resources ChurchPad affords you as a church leader, now is the time.



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