Church communication is a very important aspect of running a church.

Improving Church Communication

Before the arrival of COVID-19, it was customary to welcome church members with a hug and a handshake.

It is no longer a secret that fewer people want to attend church these days.

Explaining Church Growth

Volunteers are essential to every church. Without them, running your church will be very difficult.

Rewarding Volunteers in the Church

Even before the pandemic, many churches had begun to add Livestream to their church websites.

Benefits of Inserting Livestream to your Church Website

One of the most important instructions Apostle Paul gave the church deals with communication.

Explaining communication and miscommunication

There is a widespread misconception that only millennials are timid leaders because most of us are diplomatic and non-confrontational.

Imagine that your boss wants you to be in charge of securing a permanent land space for your company and even gives you the liberty to make any other decision on the company’s behalf.

An Expose on the life of Ruth

Relationships are everything.

How to strengthen congregational relationships


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